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5 Tips for a Snooze-Free Meeting

By Chaz Brueggemann

Meetings can help us achieve consensus, hold one another accountable, and plan future success.  Unfortunately, meetings are not always fun.  Here are a few tips to help keep your next meeting more engaging, creative, and fun!

  1.  Keep Your Meeting Short. In Tom Searcy’s Inc.com article, Meetings Suck? Make Them Better, he mentions that in order to increase engagement, “a tight agenda with clear outcomes,” is imperative to success.  Furthermore, “Simplicity is not just the hallmark of elegance; it is also critical for effectiveness.”
  2. Invite The Right Attendees.  Have you invited those attendees who really need to be at your meeting?  In 3 Ways To Make Meetings Much Less Boring And Much More Useful the author discusses the importance of having the right attendees involved in meetings.  “Poor meetings are generally either somebody talking and everyone else is pretending to listen, or a conversation that only involves a couple of people.”
  3. Make Sure You Have A Clear Purpose. Dale Carnegie’s  strategy for presenting is sometimes one of the best meeting format strategies, “Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you’ve said.”  For example, make sure you have an agenda, start off by telling everyone the purpose of the meeting.  As you generate ideas and form a consensus on key topics, make sure you record this information.  When you close the meeting, make sure you repeat the key points of the meeting as well as next steps.
  4. Get Involvement Once you have the right attendees, make sure you get everyone involved in the room.  The Harvard Business Review article, Tips on Meetings, offers a few ways to help with meeting participation.  First, don’t control the meeting (even if you organized it).  Make sure you get other people to speak up and share their thoughts before you speak again.  Second, be positive.  Thank people for their involvement.  Even if it’s a heated meeting look for ways to keep the meeting positive and show appreciation for new ideas and feedback given.
  5. Finish Early.  Once your meeting has achieved all of its goals, why not adjourn a little early?