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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words; An Infographic is Priceless

Shaun Pope, Director of Client Solutions – Tricycle Studios

Infographics have become popular over the last year or so.  Why? It’s the classic rule of two…

< The attention span is becoming shorter.

With the constant go-go-go of modern life, consumers have shorter attention spans. You have approximately 2-4 seconds to make your mark, or lose them forever. (PS: Are you still reading this?)

> The intake of information is exponentially greater.

With the world’s information currently doubling every two years*, your consumers are continuously experiencing information overload. With ever-growing access to smartphones and tablets, people are constantly receiving, analyzing, and sharing anything that pops in front of their face.

Infographics help consumers visually understand how to choose the product that is right for them. And they’re fun! Best of all, they can be developed for practically any business. Our friends at lululemon.com** designed an infographic to help make purchasing your perfect yoga mat completely stress-free.




*Josh Catone Mashable ©2011
**lululemon yoga.run.life.blog