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Meet Tricycle Team Member: Lynne Mantz


Executive Assistant

Lynne’s imagination and warm heart makes her approach to herding creatives a unique talent. We believe this amazing superpower may come from her past experience of wrangling her 3 children at home. When she’s not bringing a calm order to the chaotic pace at Tricycle, she’s designing and building a better world by participating in causes close to her heart; like feeding the homeless.

  • Her favorite book is Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver
  • She dreams of living on the water and watching the light dance across the surface
  • Loves angel hair carbonara
  • Dabbles in sculpture and ceramics

Meet Tricycle Team Member: Dominique Sawyer


Book-keeper / HR

You’ll see her coming a mile away because of her megawatt smile and boundless enthusiasm. When she’s not spreading the love in the office and gently reminding creatives to fill out their time sheets, she’s at home whipping up some spaghetti for her daughter while watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory.

  • Her favorite book is Franklin
  • Favorite color is purple
  • Loves to play volleyball
  • Enjoys chilling on the beach with her 4-year-old Chihuahua named Ginger

Meet Tricycle Team Member: Chris Elly


Developer & IT Specialist

When he isn’t busy writing code to use with the hottest gadgets, he’s playing with them. A child of the 80s, he has always been fascinated by computers. Obsessed with sci-fi and computers these days, anything with a circuit board sparks his imagination. He’ll give you an earful about how cool the latest toy is, and his drive to figure out what makes it tick.

  • Believes that pizza and video games are the best foods, and will challenge anyone who argues otherwise
  • Wishes he could explore the universe on an intergalactic spaceship
  • Favorite book is Frank Herbert’s Dune
  • Has an extensive knowledge of craft beer, which he is currently learning to brew

Meet Tricycle Team Member: Amanda Patanow


Possibilities Engineer

The prism among us, Amanda ensures our clients’ creative needs are reflected in the best light. With her strategic vision, she can take a mere marketing idea and turn it into a delight-invoking reality. With a passion for experiencing all that life has to offer, she loves art, travel and fine dining.

  • A 13th Generation Floridian
  • Gregarious and curious, Amanda loves to meet new people
  • She has seen every episode of Friends… more than once
  • Favorite color is the rainbow (because all of the colors are more beautiful together than any one is alone)

Meet Tricycle Founding Partner: Randy Rosenthal


Professional Dreamer

Randy has been creating media that motivates for over 20 years. An interactive pioneer, he produced his first interactive project way back in 1989 for Hardees using laser disk technology.

  • Wants to change the world
  • Practices yoga
  • Certified hypnotherapist
  • Loves Japanese pop culture
  • Craves spicy foods
  • Coffee cowboy

Congratulations Neil!

Team Member Neil Beardsley recently got hitched to his longtime love Maria.  Now you are in it for the long haul like the rest of us!  Congratulations.


Meet Tricycle Team Member: Shaun Pope

Senior Technical Producer / Digital Mixologist

Not only is he on top of the technical aspects of projects, he is technically ageek – and proud of it. With hobbies like short-form video and social media, he masters technology both at work and in his free time. He takes on each project as if he’s creating his own flux capacitor for time travel in a DeLorean. After all, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

  • His favorite color is green, like his favorite spinach pasta
  • Family Guy, Frontline, The History Channel or Discovery Channel keep him entertained
  • His beagle, Beau, is two years old
  • He explores the world through cooking and travel

Meet Tricycle Team Member: Kevin Rosenthal

IT Support Specialist and Geek Gourmet

A connoisseur of comfort food and technology; whether he is in the kitchen or at the computer, Kevin is continually seeking challenges and a new flavor. After years of experience cooking with PCs, he added Apple to the ingredient list, and continues expanding his repertoire of IT advancements and solutions to keep things cooking.

  • A book about 1984, and a book published in 1985 (Ender’s Game) top his reading list.
  • The eighties might have been good to him, but the nineties were better- the first of his five children was born in 93.
  • Along with children, he loves to raise chickens.
  • Loves a good cup of coffee and a good debate.

Meet Tricycle Team Member: Donavon Brutus

Creative Taste Tester

Donavon’s hobbies share a striking similarity with his work life. He enjoys drawing, team sports, and watching things; which covers a lot of what he is doing while creating awesome 3D and effects for a variety of projects. Whatever is asked of him, chances are his response will be “Sure, I’ll try it.” But, as Yoda says, “There is no try,” and Donavon always finds a way to make it happen.

  • Married with Children and American Beauty are on his must-watch list.
  • He doesn’t like to be limited: His favorite food is “sandwiches” since they have so much variety.
  • The dream he works on each day is to be better than yesterday.
  • His first name was originally his middle name.

Meet Tricycle Team Member: Brian Murray

I Like Deadlines
Young Mr. Murray has a very big brain.  How he manages to keep his giant Left Lobe (for writing mathematical formulas and generating code) and his freakishly large Right Lobe (in use when painting beautiful moving pictures) balanced on his skinny neck, is a wonder to us all.

  • Enjoys story boarding and doodling
  • Likes the color blue
  • Doesn’t eat much green
  • Gets inspiration through films, web, and TV