太 Tricycle Dreams of Sushi! 巻

Our sushi master, Tina, lead an amazing Makizushi-making class at the studio today. You can find her process below – but she won’t give up her ancient recipe for spicy mayo, so don’t ask.


1. Carefully take a piece of nori (seaweed paper) and lay it flat onto your sushi mat.

2. Gently take a tennis ball sized amount of rice and begin working it onto the nori. BE EXTRA GENTLE when placing the rice and try not to leave wide gaps.

3. Leave about 1” of space at the top of the paper. Carefully sprinkle a few grains of rice into the open space. This will become the seal of your roll.

4. Choose what sushi ingredients you would like in your roll. Place them thinly in the middle of the roll. Try to keep the ingredients in a straight line.

5. Begin rolling the sushi, starting with the back of the nori and moving toward the center. As you roll, continue to press gently and firmly. Do not release the roll.

6. Press lightly on the completed roll into a form a log shape. (It helps if you imagine pressing down through the table.)

7. Cut the sushi once in half. Flip and line up the two halves of the sushi and slice the remaining pieces.

8. Garnish and eat!


Kampei (or “Cheers” – Enjoy!)